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About the project

M Leuven is issuing a warm appeal: set a guest plate on 11 February and surprise somebody with an unforgettable meal. You can choose who you would like to invite. Perhaps it is time to catch up with that friend with whom you’ve lost touch. Have you ever asked your cleaner to stay for dinner? Or why not invite a complete stranger for a change? These are only suggestions. You decide.

If you are excited by the prospect of a cosy dinner, but aren’t sure who to invite, you can easily register to be invited to dinner at somebody else’s house. You might make a friend for life. One thing is certain: you will be treated to a cosy dinner.


The occasion for this initiative: on 7 March, a new exhibition is opening at Saint Peter’s Church in Leuven centred around Dieric Bouts’ masterpiece ‘The Last Supper’. Bouts was the first painter who depicted the apostles literally around the table, even before Da Vinci. In tribute to the Flemish master who called Leuven home, we are bringing people together to share a meal on 11 February, 560 years later. Simply because everyone needs some cosiness and warmth. And because there is always a good reason to eat together. A simple initiative that might make a big impact. 

How do I take part?

You can take part in different ways. You can either set a guestplace yourself or reserve a seat at a table where someone else is setting a guestplate.

If you will invite someone you know and contact your guests yourself, you can register here.

If you will set a guest plate for somebody you don’t know, you can register as a host family here. People who would like to eat at your house will then be able to reserve a seat at your table. We will ensure that your guest(s) find the way to your door on 11 February.

If you would like to enjoy a cosy meal but are not sure who to invite, you can register to have dinner at someone else’s house

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to share your evening with us #zeteenbordjebij

Between Heaven and Earth

Starting on 7 March 2020, the completely renovated Saint Peter’s Church in Leuven will be the setting of a new presentation of Flemish masterpieces. The highlights are the two most important works by the Flemish master Dieric Bouts: ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus’. Bouts painted these works 560 years ago specifically for this church, where they remain to this day. To tell the stories of the church’s artistic treasures in their historical context, M has also developed an innovative digital experience. ‘Between Heaven and Earth. Experience The Last Supper by Bouts’ is part of the Flemish Masters project of Flanders Tourism.

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